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Our food and commissary partnerships include a commitment to rehabilitating individuals to transition back into their communities

We are at the forefront of redefining Corrections service and believe in three key values that push us forward: Industry Innovation, Proactive Partnership and Dignified Difference. These values and commitment start with an insights-driven approach coupled with an in-house team of experts in culinary, programming, commissary retail and operational best practices working toward reducing recidivism.

We look for opportunities to innovate the best versions of food-based programs to ensure a connected and consistent experience for officers, visitors and offenders, while also preparing them for release. Our IN2WORK® program teaches the fundamentals of food service, resulting in skills and experience that can be leveraged to re-enter the workforce.

We are leaders in the food service and retail industries with over 45 years of experience delivering Correctional food, commissary, and rehabilitative programming. As a result, we are able to provide our clients with strategic solutions, designed around people to deliver a safe and positive future by supporting financial, mental and physical health.

We believe in…

  • Industry Innovation - Redefining food, commissary and rehabilitative service solutions that set the bar for valuable outcomes.
  • Proactive Partnership - Identifying opportunities to improve facility programs and processes that support long-term success for all.
  • Dignified Difference - Considering the best interests of all stakeholders to create positive, healthy change


As a proactive partner, we are focused on working to reduce recidivism in each facility and the industry.


We maximize quality, nutrition and variety, supporting a healthier facility all around.


We integrate technology for a retail experience; promoting satisfaction, morale and connection.


Our collaborative partnership brings valuable, successful solutions to your facility.